Known Residences of the Aristocracy of Termini-Imerese

  • Municipio: originally the residence of the ruling family of the city of Termini-Imerese (built before 1500; rebuilt c. 1600)
    • The Council Hall contains a series frescos painted by Francesco Barbera in 1610  which chronicle the history of Termini-Imerese.


    Lo Municipio

  • Ospedale Sancta Trinita of the Fatebene Fratelli
  • Jesuit College: now the Law Courts
Convent of the Jesuits

Jesuit College (Convent of the Jesuits)

  • Collegio DiMaria

Lo Collegio Di Maria

  • Castello above Termini-Imerese: only the base remains as the Castello was torn down during the latter part of the 1800’s, and its building materials recycled. There is a strong possibility that during the time of Friedrick II Hohenstaufen (1204-c. 1250), the castle functioned merely as a fort to house a military garrison.
Castello Remains

Remains of the Castello

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