Surnames in Termini-Imerese indicating non-Catholic heritage


A Tartar Family

The Autonomous Republic of Crimea, located on a huge peninsula on the Black Sea, is the homeland of the Tartars. During the 13th century, Crimea was partly controlled by the Venetians and partly by the Genovese; they were followed by the Crimean Khanate and the Ottoman Empire during the 15th to 18th centuries, the Russian Empire during the 18th to 20th centuries, and the Russian SFSR and later the Ukrainian SSR within the Soviet Union during the rest of the 20th century, except during WW II when Germany held the region. Crimea, which had become  an autonomous Ukrainian administrative region after the breakup up of the Soviet Union, was recently annexed by Russia.

Andronico [Greece]

  • exemplar: Simone Andronico: August 31, 1544

Bardici [Serbia]

  • exemplar: Petruzzo Bardici: June 25, 1542

Barracca [Malta]

  • exemplar: Antonino Barracca: August 14, 1547

Cirinci [Serbia]

  • exemplar: Dinolfo Cirinci: December 7, 1544

Criscione [Albania]

  • exemplar: Matteo Criscione: January 17, 1548

DiLevantro [Crimea]

  • exemplar: Martino DiLevantro: October 1, 1547

Greco [Greece]

  • examplar: Dimitrio Grego: March 27, 1543
  • exemplar: Constantino Greco: January 8, 1548

Gudulena [Tartar: Gubaidulina]

  • exemplar: Desideria Gudulena: October 9, 1547
  • exemplar: Gudulena Carduso: October 4, 1546

Mardovo [Russia]

  • exemplar: Antonino Mardovo: September 25, 1542

Palamusi [Greece]

  • exemplar: Giorgio Palamusi: December 25, 1544

Santoroni [Greece: Santorini / Σαντορίνη / in Turkish: Santoron]

  • exemplar: Antonio Santoroni: November 16, 1544
  • The Duchy of Naxos, founded by Marco Sanudo of Venice in 1207, encompassed most of the Aegean Islands including Thira, the latter of which was renamed Santorini (Saint Irene). In 1383, The Duchy of Naxos came under the control of the Crispo family of Venice. By 1566, the Dukes of Naxos had became vassals of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, and in 1579 the Duchy of Naxos was annexed by the Ottoman Empire.


The Duchy of Naxos (in Orange)

Saraciana [Arabia/Saracen=Muslim]

  • exemplar: Marco Saraciana: October 17, 1546

Tesica [Serbia]

  • exemplar: Luigi Tesica: September 4, 1547

Turco [Ottoman Empire]

  • exemplar: Antonio Turco: March 7, 1548
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