The Nuns and other women in Termini Imerese who served as godmothers multiple times in the Baptistery San Nicola Bari

Termini Photo 8

The last phrase reads: “The godmother is Sister Caterina LaRussa” ( ſoru caterina la ruſsa). Photo courtesy of Father Anthony Delisi.

During the years 1542-48, the following 9 women served as godmothers at the Baptistery of San Nicola Bari a considerable number of times. The first three women on the list below are specifically designated as nuns in Codex A, and, in fact, the Convent of San Domenico (c. 1543) was once associated with the Church of San Nicola Bari.

It is noteworthy that during the seven years chronicled in Codex A, Mother Superior [Mastra di Sorio] Domenica LaGrigola was the godmother at 445 baptisms administered by no less than 31 different priests in the San Nicola Baptistery.

Domenica LaGrigola, Mastra di Sorio [la g~a mª dj ſorio]

Sister Caterina LaRussa [ſoru caterina la ruſsa]

Sister Lucia LaRomana [ſoru luchia la romana]

Antonia LaBrunetta

Antonina LaProvenza

Caterina LaGiuffrida

Filippa L’Angelica

Francesca LaPoicella

Filippa Martorana

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