Enforcers of the law in Termini Imerese: civic, ecclesiastical, and otherwise

Termini Photo 9

Filippo was in charge of flagellation (ph¯u uno frusterj) in Termini during the year 1544. Photo courtesy of Father Anthony Delisi.

On December 5, 1544, Father Martino Romano baptized the son of Fillipo, a flagellator. The given name of his son is Giacomo, whose godfathers (li com: = li compadri = the co-fathers)  are Vincenzo LiPulselli and Antonino Campanella.

Giacomo’s godmother is not named even though there is a space provided for it preceded by the term  ‘la com:’ i.e la commadre, the co-mother, meaning: the godmother.


Termini Photo 6

Filippo would have needed the infamous Rack to do business.


Codex A Giudici

Codex A; Page 66v, second entry: On  September 25, 1545 Father Pietro di Ferro baptized the son of  Luca, the judge. The boy’s given name is Vincenzo. His godfathers are Pietro Solito and Giacomo l’Angelica. The godmother is Sister Filippa  l’Angelica.

It is possible that Luca’s surname was simply LuGiudici (lu Judjchi) meaning ‘Judge’; but since this is the only use of the term lu Judjchi in the manuscript, it is more likely that Luca’s profession is being indicated.


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