Office holders in Termini Imerese

Termini Imerese was one of 42 Città Demaniali (Estate Cities), administered directly by the crown (Kingdom of Aragon/Kingdom of the Two Sicilies) rather than by local nobility. Never-the-less, some of the nobles residing in Termini Imerese held high positions in the daily operations of the city, in which case they did so at the pleasure of  the Viceroy in Palermo.


The tomb of Pietro Sorio, town prefect

Magnifico Signore Bernardino Romano, lo Segreto (Financial Administrator)

Antonino LoGenesi, lu Gennoro di Passa (Senior official in charge of booking passage at the Port of Termini)

Additional titles  officers of Termini-Imerese as they are found in 15th-century notarial records include:

Governor of Termini

Lord of Termini


Vice Portulano





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